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Battery Service (Contd.):
All Calibre Power UPS engineers are also experts on nearly all of the makes, models and types of battery available. This is essential when it comes to working out parameters such as float voltage levels, temperature compensation, discharge graphs and system autonomy. Getting the most out of your battery is our main aim as most major battery installations are expensive investments!

The Cellcorder may predict when a cell is going to fail but the only true way to confirm the capacity of any battery is through a discharge test to the battery manufacturer's specifications. Most battery service companies choose to perform an offline battery discharge test by opening a battery isolator in the UPS system and connecting the load bank directly onto the battery terminals. This is a completely acceptable way to prove the capacity of the battery. What it does not do however is test all of the cabling and circuits within the UPS system itself.
Calibre Power battery discharges are performed using the output connections of the UPS wherever possible. This then proves that the system as a whole including inverters, cabling and isolators etc. are able to provide battery back up if the mains power is lost.

At Calibre Power, we are doing our best to dispell the myths surrounding batteries and provide your company with the knowledge that everything possible is being done to protect your critical loads.

To recap, the services that Calibre Power can provide with regards to batteries are:
Cellcorder 3 or 6 monthly battery checks.
Comprehensive battery discharge tests.
Load bank rental.
Cellcorder rental.
Battery monitoring systems supply.
Supply of batteries.
Battery system surveys.
Battery system commissioning.

It should be noted that taking our full UPS and battery Service is regarded as the best solution to looking after your important loads. As a package it can also work out cheaper for your company.

Which ever level of service you choose, we look forward to providing your company with best level of service available and leave you to relax in the knowledge that you have done everything possible to protect your critical loads.

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